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Today it is more difficult than ever to find a company that you can feel comfortable doing business with.  Square One Solutions is one of those companies.  Family owned and locally operated by a Nevada family with over 35 years staffing and temporary labor experience, we have not only our company reputation on the line, but our personal reputations as well.  In our Reno, Nevada location you will find local staff with the autonomy to make on the spot decisions to provide customized solutions to address your companies needs.

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We provide a full compliment of staffing and temporary labor services, including direct placements, temp to hire, recruiting and traditional day labor.  Because we are family owned and locally operated, we don't have the limitations that franchise or corporate companies have.  We pride ourselves on the flexibility to provide solutions to any of your employment needs.

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Today's economy provides challenges and opportunities for every company, especially in the area of recruiting and staffing.  There is a much larger employee pool to choose from, but most employers have a reduced HR department, or an HR department not sized adequately to deal with sorting, evaluating, pre-screening and pre-qualifying candidates in a manner that assures that the final candidates are the best candidates for the position.  We pride ourselves in providing you with candidates that have been evaluated with your specific needs in mind, so when you get a list of potential candidates, you will get our professional summary of why we believe they are a good fit for your company.

They say they are only two things that you own; Your Word and Your Honor.  This is especially true for a family owned company, because our livelihood depends on our reliability.

You won't get voice mail when you need Square One Solutions.  You won't get excuses or reasons "why" our performance wasn't what you expected.  What you will get is prompt, courteous, professional service and solutions that will elevate your business no matter what industry you are in.  You'll get more "yes, we can" and less "no, we can't" when you select Square One Solutions.  Solutions are meant to about what's best for the customer, not what's best for the provider.  We make it our goal to make sure that happen every time.  We strive to live up to our motto: "We ARE Solutions. . ."

You can call Square One Solutions with confidence . . . you have our word!

trainingOne of the most frustrating experiences with labor or staffing companies is the uncertainty of who, or what, will show up once you have placed your order.  At Square One Solutions, we not only pride ourselves on finding employees that will be a good fit for your company culture, but who can be specifically trained and tested to assure that they have the greatest opportunity to hit the ground running.  We make this same commitment whether we are doing a direct placement, or providing a laborer for a single day.  Providing solutions for your manpower needs is our focus.

We have our own training facilities and OSHA authorized outreach trainers providing a wide variety of safety topics forConstruction, including: OSHA 10 and 30 hour classes, Hazard Communication and many others. We can also customize training programs to specifically address any need your company might have so that temporary or direct placement employees will be prepared to be productive much sooner when they enter your company environment.

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In today's environment with massive layoff's, high unemployment and significant underemployment, Square One Solutions has identified a higher calibre of provisional employee called Alternative Career Employees (ACE's)

These are individuals who do not have permanent full-time or permanent part-time employment either because of economic layoffs, or perhaps family or life's issues that limit their ability to work on a permanent basis.  These ACE's are not your typical temporary or day labor workers.  These people are motivated, conscientious and dedicated and available to work provisional assignments ranging from 4 hour assignments to several month assignments. 

Each ACE is pre-screened and hand-selected based on Square One's ACE criteria, developed with our combined 28 years of labor and staffing experience.  Square One's ACE's are guaranteed for 8 hours work for 8-hours pay . . . Unconditionally.  Ask us how you can put the ACE's advantage to work for your company.

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